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  • Dimension 3 Stickers

Dimension 3 Stickers


by 8bitmatt

Currently Unavailable
  • D3 sticker $3.00


  • Original hand-pixel'd design
  • Custom die cut shape
  • Silkscreen printed
  • 3 Coats of 100% UV Protection
  • Weatherproof / waterproof
  • Indoor / outdoor use

Virtual Joy

The Nintendo Virtual Boy is an intimate joy we can only experience by ourselves. That's a shame. If only there was a way to let everyone know how we feel inside when we're taken away to a 32bit world of black and red. Well... it's no unreleased link cable but with these new "Dimension 3" stickers from 8bitmatt you can now share your virtual joy anywhere.

Some of the highest quality vinyl stickers made. Silkscreen printing with true UV gloss protection. No cheap digital printing and lamination here. These stickers can take your abuse. Minimum 3-5 year effective outdoor capability!

Sticker size: 2 1/2in. x 3 1/4in.

Note: Putting one of these stickers on another inferior gaming console will not actually make it a Virtual Boy.

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