Staying Busy

RGC shirt

As you probably already know by now the Retro Game Crunch (RGC) project was successfully funded! See http://retrogamecrunch.com . Things are going great. We're about to start crunching on game 4 this coming weekend! If you are a backer, a huge thank you! Really it's a dream come true.

The first album (for RGC Game 1) End of Line is about to be released. I've been working hard (for awhile) on making it special. More details will be on the RGC site.

Apart from RGC I've been reading, modding NES hardware, and trying to find time to play games. I also was recently selected to be the layout artist for NintendoAge.com 's e-Zine! The first issue I designed is already available! Go check it out. Volume 7 Issue 1

If you didn't get to back RGC (and you're totally missing out, so go signup!) here's a look into my life (and some of the sweet tunes) over the past few months:

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