Worldwide release

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Retro Game Crunch is now available for everyone! http://retrogamecrunch.com

You can currently buy the collection from the Humble Store (through our website). We're also trying to get it on Steam, please vote for it through Steam Greenlight.

This collection of games means the world to me. It consumed my life for an entire year! If you ever have time to play them I'd love to hear about it. Hey, maybe we can even play some GAIAttack! or Shūten together.

The development journal is also public! If you're curious about how these games were made.

In other RGC news, I'm still hard at work on releasing the final music albums for each game. End of Line OSV is available! Getting close to finishing GAIAttack! It's taking a good amount of time, I'm re-writing every song in MML and recording audio directly from real NES hardware!

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