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Like a lot of things in life I'm not sure how I got here. Hard work and a little luck I guess. Two of the most talented game devs (Rusty Moyher and Shaun Inman) have found favor in me. I'm lucky to call them friends. We're teaming up to work together on an amazing project.

For the past year I've been honing my composing and sound design skills with exclusive focus on the original Nintendo's sound chip (the 2A03). It's no surprise that I think the NES is the best game system. I have the most memories with the NES. Fortunately, the chiptune scene has made a lot of great tools for writing NES music. On top of all that I find the 2A03's limitations fun and challenging. It inspires me and forces me to become better.

My first "real" release was a small project with Shaun called Flip's Escape! After that, Rusty and Shaun were teaming up for the most recent Ludum Dare and I was brought into the mix. The game we made in three days still blows my mind. Super Clew Land. After the initial three day jam we decided to keep working.


We loved it so much that we want to keep doing this. We want to keep the magic alive. We want to make games that matter. We want to make six games in six months. We're already off to a great start but we'll need all the help we can get to reach our goal!

I KNOW this is what I'm supposed to be doing right now. All these years of seemingly unrelated parts of my life have collided at this intersection. The hours I spent in front of a glowing CRT television and Gameboy screen. The hours I spent everyday after school learning to play guitar and becoming a musician. The hours I spent, years later, programming. They all uniquely prepared me for this. I'm made to write video game music.

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