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I'm probably the biggest fanboy of the iOS game "Chunks in Data Entry Sentry." (If you haven't played it you're missing out. Go get it now!) I bought it within the first few hours of its release on the app store and have had a hard time putting it down since then. If you checkout the Game Center leaderboards you'll see me at the top. I was first to reach level 99 and also first to max out the score at 9,999,999!

So to show my appreciation for the game and to share knowledge with others,  I spent two weeks (in my free time) creating a strategy guide. You can view it here. The guide is broken down into specific strategies for reaching the highest level or getting the highest score. Along with all the words and images there's 46 minutes of HD video showing you how to play. So far I've received really great feedback on the guide; everyone seems to love it, even Shaun Inman (the game's creator)! Probably the most impressive improvement I've seen come from the guide thus far was from my very own girlfriend. She was beta testing the guide while I was finishing it and took her score from 35k to over 3 million! In. just. one. game. after reading the guide. Amazing! 

If you've used the guide to improve your game I'd love to hear about it.

Behind the Scenes

I started writing in a word document (well OpenOffice doc if you want to get technical, I'll probably use Google docs from now on though). I proof read and rewrote sections of the guide probably 4 or 5 times. After that I felt pretty good about the content and focused on recording all the video. Here's my setup for recording. :)

recording setup

Video camera used: Canon Vixia HF R21. When all the video was ready I just used iMovie to edit, then uploaded to YouTube. Some graphics work was done in Photoshop. From there I pasted my document's text into TextMate and added some markdown syntax for easy html conversion. Then I spent a good day or two styling the guide. I showed it to Shaun, and after talking with him re-wrote the section on how levels score. Gave it one more proof read... then published!

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